Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shops Chops Clothing line!
"I don't actually make any money for these but I don't care..."
White Long T
(The Original)
 Brutal Force
Brutal force and Ignorance
The small print reads "The simple cure to any mechanical problem, Brutal force and Ignorance."

 Hardley Davidsons
 The small print says "If I wanted to go slow, I'd buy a Harley."
Shops Chops Hoodie
 New! White Hoodie
 Black Hoodie
Shops Grey T
We are currently in the process of deciding if we will put these out again, please if you have any interest in it let us know.

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  1. how did u re-wire the starter and igniton i have a xs1100 also and need to re-wire it like the one u show here


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