Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 192 "Mirrors, Fears, and Reflections?" 22 June 2009

Here I am reflecting on what I'm going to do next. I need to fab out some sort of a license plate bracket as well as a taillight mount and I think that the two will be incorporated into one another. I also need something for a mirror idea?

I want to mount my mirror under the handle bars on the left side so it was off to the drawing boards! As you can see for my drawing board I use crayons! It was the first thing I saw that I could write with. The orange drawing was what I started with, then the pen drawing in the back ground followed, after that I went down town and looked through a few catalogs and ordered a mirror.

After ordering the mirror I did a quick sketch of what it was going to look like and to be honest I was not a fan so when it comes in I'll probably return it unless it surprises me. So I went on line and found one that I hope will look and work better. Now we wait.. Below is the pic of the one I ordered however they didn't have any pics of left side mirrors.
Plain, clean, simple, and that's all I'm going for.

Well this is what I ended up going with, I had to drill the mount out to get it at a angle away from the handle bars y I think it turned out O.K and it was only $8 at a local motorcycle shop. I found it by turning the catalog upside sown when I got to the mirror section so I could see what it would look like. It threaded right into the mount without a adapter too.

Here's another view

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