Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 94 "Sparkey Malarkey" 18 March 2009

So if you are looking for plugs for a 79 xs1100, here you go click here for brands and part numbers , I'm using NGK part # BP6ES , a lot of guys are using NGK part # BPR6EIX they are Iridium plugs and I've only heard good things about them.

Today I got my coils that I ordered from Mikes Xs, Part #17-6803, and they look great, as referred by the good folks at Mikes has been a very reputable company and I would take my business there any day, I'm looking forward searching for more parts on there site, (click the link above to see for yourself)! I also got my 7mm wires in the mail from The Hot Rod Company here's the (exact link to the wires) that fit nicely with the new coils, and look good with my NGK caps. Everything should be going on very soon!

Here's the NGK caps that I bought Part # LB05F

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