Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 53 "Rear Wheel conversion 17'' to 16'', ready for white walls." 6 Feb 2009

We moved so the project was on hold for a while, but she's back in action. I replaced the rear 17 inch rim for a 16 off of a XS 11oo Special, Because White Wall tires don't come in 17's. Now she's ready for the white wall "Rat Rod" look. And they are already on order! The Rims are also going to be powder coated red.



  2. What was needed to be done to fit the 16" ? I've read online some people saying that you just need the brake caliper torque arm bracket from the special. Others say you need the caliper itself. Since you've done it, can you please settle this debate for me !? I'm looking to do this very soon.

  3. JOE,
    Here's what I remember that I did because I was in the same debate and dispute. I ended up getting the wheel spacers caliper and caliper bracket and any thing else mounted with the 16" wheel and then sorted it out when it got here. The important thing is the spacers. and the caliper bracket. I wouldn't be to concerned about the caliper itself. Hope this helps? If not shoot me a message on the shopschops contacter 9000 on the lower right side of this page and I'll help as much as I can.


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