Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 144 "Batteries, and Battery Boxes" 4 May 2009

I got my battery in the mail today! I got it from this website I wanted to also buy a battery box because I didn't feel like trying to fabricate one myself so I looked on e-bay and surprise, surprise there was lots of garbage boxes out there, not what I was hoping for! The best one I could find actually came with a oil tank style electrics box which would have been really handy to hide all my wires. However they wanted over $50 for the Box and over $70 for the oil tank. I'm not willing to forgo the budget bobber to splurge on some accessory's so I had to seek other resources. Luckily I know a guy that knows a guy that had a friend that could assist the cause of shopschops. He made the battery box for the hefty cost of his favorite beverage. As for the oil tank/electric box I can save a lot of coin if I make it myself. I've priced the materials and I'll be able to shave off a lot of unnecessary cost, plus it will be how I want it. If you are wondering what actually is taking place in the picture and you made it this far, the battery came with acid that you have to fill the battery with, then it requires charging. Are you still reading? That is amazing! You should join the fan club (to the right of this where it says followers) shopschops needs that sort of devotion, and you my friend have it!

This was the easiest battery that I've ever had to fill, and it was mess free! It is only 200cca but was rated for a 1100cc bikes so I thought I would give it a whirl. I was worried but I know of some guys that use XS 650 batteries on these Ol' XS 1100's and the 650 batteries are around 160cca. My original battery was 270cca, so I figured this one would work. And it did! I put it in today and it cranked the Ol' girl like a champ, however I live in sunny Florida and I don't think that I would use this battery if I lived in a cooler climate. If you need a battery like this click here it was very reasonable considering the one I really wanted was very expensive, until I found this one was much cheaper at $43. It came with the acid in this plastic container (shown above) and had seals that when placed on the battery are pierced and allowed the acid to gravity feed into the battery. Once the acid was in the battery I had to let it stand for 1 hour and then charge it completely. Oh and on a side note and it fits in the box perfectly! It pays to know a guy that knows a guy that has a friend that can make battery boxes. The Battery dimensions are Length:5.81", Width:3.32", Height:5.75 (including terminals) :5.75", B1 terminals, 200cca, Weight 12lbs

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