Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 167 "The Maiden Voyage" 27 May 2009

This is where I started today. My goal this week has been to get the bobber together so I could ride it, what I refer to as the "Maiden Voyage." After 167 days of having the bike its getting well past due, but I can't do that with wires dangling out everywhere so I set out to finish what I started yesterday with the oil tank /electric box.

I had to first drill a hole in the top with a hole saw that wouldn't be to noticeable, if you look real hard you can see it between the middle two air filters.

There it is! It's easier to see with a inside view. I also had to drill a hole in the bottom for all the wires coming up. I also decided while I was turning the tank into Swiss cheese that I would install a hidden starter button so I did.

Here's the starter button located at the bottom of the tank, at least if I ever leave my keys in it whoever tries to swipe it will really have to look to figure out how to start the beast. Unless they are a avid supporter of this blog and in that case if they've made it this far suffering through my ramblings and probably deserve it.

This is Cody he drops by on occasion to see how the progress is going, here he is getting a feel for the Ol' bobber. He was also here today to witness the maiden voyage down the driveway and back.

Well no more wires hanging out everywhere, however after sitting for the whole time while the hard tail was fabricated one of the carburetors float needle stopped sealing so tomorrow I have that to deal with, fun. I'm also having some brake issues, they aren't wanting to release, 1 step forward 2 back no surprise there.

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