Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 165 "Butt Pain, The Simple Remedy" 25 May 2009

Well today I tied up a few loose ends. One of those loose ends was a loose and unsecured battery box, so I built the brackets and welded them to the frame to bolt the battery box too, then wal-la the battery box was mounted! I wish it was easy as it sounds but its not and I just have the above pic to show for it

The Second thing that I wanted to get done today was mounting my springs to the seat pan. So I measured and measured again, and again, but couldn't decide where I wanted to put the springs. So after some really good advise I was able to stick to a decision. The hash marks on the outside of the holes is where I was originally going to put the springs but I'm glad I was persuaded otherwise. As you can see I started with a pilot hole and moved up to the correct size bit, that's the only way to go.

Here it is, holes drilled and carriage bolts installed ready for the springs. The carriage bolts will be covered up by the foam for the seat and upholstery, so I'm not to to worried about how it looks right now even though it does not look to bad.

Here it is with my springs mounted.

It's getting closer and closer to ride time. The seat will have to get upholstered soon also I'm thinking something with SHOPS CHOPS in it. I'm also debating making SHOPS CHOPS T shirts, to be sold here at a reasonable price. Let me know what you guys think and I'll plan accordingly. Today I also worked a lot on the dummy oil thank that will hide all my wires but I'm waiting to make a little more progress on it before I put it into a post.


  1. Looking good and coming together really well! What kind of ideas do you have for the Shop Chops tee? I can help with a basic but cool design as I do a little screen printing on the side.

  2. Thanks, it's been a slow process! As for the shirt I was thinking something simple and along the lines of two pistons crossed in a X, above the pistons in fifty's style writing a arched "SHOPS CHOPS" then below the pistons "est. 2009" all with a red on black or black on red color scheme. The other idea I am toying with is instead of the pistons a image of a rat rod bobber, with the same text and locations. Let me know what you think.


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