Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 103 "Swing Arm Patch Continued, Holy Swing Arm Batman" 25 March 2009

As described in the previous post the rear tire was rubbing on the swing arm due to the thicker 130/90-16 white wall tire. So as a quick fix and by the suggestion of the folks at I cut a big chunk out of my swing arm. Big enough the the tire wont rub, but I can't leave it like that...

So in comes the thin sheet metal patch, patterned out of the piece of cardboard shown in the previous post (click here if you missed that post). The cardboard helped in the making of the metal patch, knowing exactly what size it needed to be, and where the 90 degree bend should go.

Here's another view of the patch!

This is after I welded it on and ground it down.

After welding it on I like to use a "secret sealer" just in case there's any invisible pin holes.

Another view.

Here's the final view of the swing arm modification, I think that it turned out O.k.

While I was painting the swing arm I decided that the Final Drive could use a little paint too.

So after a little cleaning scuffing and priming it got the juice.


  1. nice work on that patch

  2. So you would recommend welding paper-thin stainless then?

  3. I would definitely not recommend it for welding purposes, it makes for easy "blow through" and your heat needs to be directed away from the stainless. However if the paint chips away on the patch it will be way less likely to rust whereas the rest of the swing arm is made out of regular low carbon steal and subject to rusting. So for anybody doing this mod there's the pros and cons of a stainless patch. The walls of the swing arm are super thick so the patch shouldn't affect the integrity of the swing arm at all.

  4. Unfortunately too many people are only buy it people now and there are less and less true mechanics and people willing to be different. Big up to you. Nice one. Mac

  5. Mac,
    Thank you! I know exactly what your saying as cheap as this was to do I don't know why more people don't do it, but maybe I could sell it to one of those buy it know guys and then make like 12 more. Plus if you want something done right and the way you want it you have to do it yourself, thanks again for the comment.


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