Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 228 " The Disappearing Houdini Mirror" 27 July 2009

My goal for this week was to take a little break on the Bobber and just ride it. In the process or riding and going on and off of base I ran into a little trouble today. I don't know how many times I'd been in and out of the gate, but today a gate Guard noticed that the Bobber didn't have two mirrors. He was not very well versed in the skill of tactful communication, well to put it nicely he used his security guard authority to inform me that if I don't get it fixed he would not allow me on base again. He was correct and I commend him for his diligent study of Military Regulations. "Motorcycles are required to have both left and right rear view mirrors attached to the handlebars or fairing." (AFI-91-207 para However I don't want anything but the bare bones on my bobber, so the thought of adding another mirror was very frustrating especially after having to already deal with the Florida Liceance plate laws. This frustration motivated the introduction of the "The Disappearing Houdini Mirror."

Here it is!

And now it's gone!

Watch the slowed down video below to see that the hand is definitely quicker then the eye. Don't worry its all just smoke and mirrors.

I would like to thank my friend and distant cousin Doug for helping me in finding the correct information and regulations concerning the security guards findings. Also I would like to thank Cody for sticking around and helping with the fabrication of the disappearing mirror.

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