Friday, December 17, 2010

The Rat Rod Go Kart

I've received a lot of questions about what I'm going to do next on the Bike, and quite a few about why I haven't done anything recently. Well here's the answer. After some time away from my family overseas I came home and built this go-cart for my son. But I'll be back to the Bobber soon.

The Latest!! 

Well the little 3 horse Kawasucky (Kawasaki) motor just wasn't cutting the cheese, even after I ported the exhaust.  So we found a 5.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek 190 motor that is more then enough umph for this little cart!
The new 5.5 HP motor mounted next to the little 3 horse motor.

Just needs a clutch

The Beginning!
Here's what we started with, it was rough, note the bicycle handle bars among other things

It didn't run but we found out real fast that the Kawasaki FA130D As21 motor had a plugged jet, and a few minor things keeping it from running.

After a quick Carb rebuild and a tune she was up and running.

A few things had to go like the spliced plug wire and the one wheel drive axle.

The new Plug wire is installed. But now the engine looks a little to ratty, even though it is a Rat.

Even threw a little paint at the cap.

Out for a Spin.

Next Step: The Steering Wheel

And new foot peddles

Next the seat, I don't sew but I figured I'd give it a try.

Upholstery is not for the weak by any means, its a lot harder then it looks.

It has a few defects, but for a first timer I think that it came out O.K.

Towards the end I got confident enough to put some personal touches in it.

The Seat all done.

Next the Tires and wheels I stripped the old rims and re painted them to match the bobber. In the process of disassembling a rim I felt something bite my hand, quickly I flipped the wheel and found this little Black Widow had bit me. So I caught it and waited to start feeling sick, but didn't at all. Other then being a little nervous, well it turns out that it was a adolescent black widow and wasn't poisonous yet so that was lucky.

So now the solid axle. The cart was tearing up my yard with the one wheel drive and would constantly get stuck in the sand so I figured with a little fabrication it would remedy that by welding in a solid axle.

While I Fab'd he Sanded for paint.

The Motor got a dab of paint too. And a Rat Rod taste.

Here's some of the fabrication for the new motor mount on the other side of the cart. Also the new frame for the bearing hangers and break assembly.

Motor all mocked up

The new chain.

The plywood floor had to go too! So I got some diamond plate and I think it turned out pretty good. You can see the bobber in the background has a surprisingly similar appearance.

After a little research I learned that for some of these smaller engines the highest HP gains come from opening up the exhaust. With some major doubt and handy work I ported the exhaust, then I went to work on the muffler too.

I hollowed out the muffler and gave it the new dual look, after taking it for a spin I was surprised at the difference and I'm not talking about a it's all in my head difference it was pretty noticeable. However now I really need to keep a eye on that plug I'm sure that I'll need to re-jet the carb too.

Well now it's time to ride.

I think that this is the best video of the go-cart in action.

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