Friday, February 12, 2010

The New Speedometer is On, and Working!
(Scroll down to see the transformation)

I First bought the Speedometer part # 03-0751 from Mikes XS just as I have bought so many other parts.

I also got this Handlebar clamp part # 37-0002 from Mikes XS, and yes it was the cheapest one that I could find even including e-bay! Once the handlebar clamp on it was time to remove the ignition, to put it somewhere else.

I needed a way to symmetrically mount the speedometer so I decided to use a piece of stainless steel as seen below. I got it here from a place called Riveting Metal Werks
and I wish that I had found these guys at the begining of the project because the where way better than the place that I'd been purchasing all the metal from.

Here it is all mocked up now I need to drill and file a square hole for the speedometer to mount up to. I also will need to file those corners round.

Well here it is all mounted and ready for a test.


  1. Thats a sweet speedo im looking for something small like that.

  2. Anonymous,
    I got it from Mikes Xs.


Random Pictures Of the Build