Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 6 "Easy outs work? Front Brake Master Cylinder." 22 Dec 2008

The front Brake Master Cylinder was not working and the Phillips head screws were ceased up, beyond the Impact drivers power... So last resort the ever so effective easy out...
It worked! That never happens, but it did?
However the reveal was a bit of a let down, looks like she needs to be rebuilt.


  1. same thing happened to me, but i agree, those easy outs suck, never work, your easy out must have been broken or had a defect, thats why it actually worked. i find a chisel and a hammer more effective for getting out stripped screws.

    chopper charlie

  2. Chopper Charlie,
    I agree 100% I think that is the one time that I've had one of those work, a few days later I was trying to bleed my front calipers and one of my bleeders broke off flush and not only did the easy out not work but it broke off in the bleeder so I ended up having to buy a used caliper and rebuild it since the don't have many new parts for these old bikes. I've had a lot better work with reverse drill bits, wish I had gone that route.


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