Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 214 "Carb Sync'ing and Floats Sinking #@!%!" 13 July 2009

"The Homemade Synchronization Tool"

Well to start I just want to say, yes I actually did make my own Carburetor Synchronization tool, I was going to buy one but here's my justifications and it fits well with the budget bobber. First I checked around to see what a synchronization tool would cost and they range from the vacuum type of $40 to the manometer liquid type to $100.

So I called the local bike shops to see what they would charge. The cheapest quote I could get was $65. I was a little disgusted about my options so I set out to do it cheaper. I did a little research on the Internet and as result I made this contraption.

Here's the rundown, 2 yardsticks from Wal-Mart @ 50 cents a piece, two 1/4 inch tee fittings at roughly $2.50 a piece and about 25 feet of 1/4 inch clear tubing that ran me a couple bucks. Then I put it all together as you see using 4 twisty ties and some clear packaging tape, and filled it to about the 24 inch marks with 2 stroke mix oil using a baby medicine syringe. Then I let it sit over night to get the air bubbles out and tried it out the next day. Over all it cost about $12.

Here's a close up of the two tees connected with a piece of tubing in between the tees, there is also packaging tape in there too if you look close enough, and those twist ties. Click the pic and it should get bigger.

Here it is all hooked up

Here's another view. The fan that also was a suggestion from the folks at XS11.COM they actually suggested a box fan and I think that it is a excellent idea.

It worked great at first, they were way off when I started and then after a little bit I got them all synced up, and it was running great, sounded good and was idling smooth for the first time. However over time I noticed that they all started getting a little off so I started messing with it and I shouldn't, then all at once It revved it self to about 4000 RPMS it sat there for a bit then came back down to idle and died. So I started it back up and it did it again. By that time I had to go to work and when I came home I noticed that the general area smelled really strong like gas, and sure enough when I checked my tank it had drained quite a bit out onto the ground. When I tackled it in the morning I started tearing into the carbs, I found that a previous problem was back! My #1 Float was not floating any more. I had soldered it up previously (found here on day 168) but now the other side was leaking. After all this the #2 carb also had both the float towers broken off and I had, had it! My frustration level was just about maxed out so I consulted the experts at XS11.Com. It's a good thing that I did too, luckily one of the guys had a set of carbs that will hopefully work out. I just hope that it doesn't have the brass floats that seem to be pretty notorious for leaking. He repairs them and and sells them like new. I'll have more info in the next post when I get the carbs. He Jets them to whatever application you have, and ensures that they are as good as new. I'll be adding a link to Shops Chops so you can get yours if you need too.


  1. So, the synch tool was a success then? I'm about to dig into the carbs on my XS1100, and I was dreading shelling out 120 for the synch tool.

  2. Seemed to work like a champ, but my carbs were all out of wack, The synched fine but I had jetting issues causing the mixture to foul plugs like crazy. The Set that I got from Jessie "The ultra XS 1100 Carb Guy" worked so well that I keep putting off the synch but need to do it again. However I does work.


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