Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 73 "Liars sell'n Tires" 26 Feb 2009

It took four sets of tries to finally have a successful tire order. The first two orders where Maxxis Classics, and no dice! Due to a discontinued 100/90-19 wide white wall. I wasted tons of time, I would order the tires and then a week later get emails that informed me that the web page was incorrect and the tires were no longer available. So I moved on to a more expensive Avon Tire (shown above) and the first set I ordered didn't even ship after they had been on the invoice for a week! So I found them in other areas for the fourth and final order. So who ever says the third times the charm has no idea how luck doesn't work out for me. Well after the last order they are here and in the shop with my freshly powder coated rims waiting to be mounted and balanced. Just as a note I was able to order the front tire from a local dealer. I found the rear tire here . Always call ahead to make sure they have them stock, however some places will say they do even though they don't.

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