Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 90 "Rims, Tires, and Bearings make long days!" 14 Mar 2009

This little guy was a nightmare, three of the four bearings were easy to find but this one?... For some reason Yamaha discontinued it (part # NA 5904 V1) and there isn't anything out there I looked and looked, until a local shop was able to order one, however a week later they gave me a call and let me know that the place they were ordering it from also didn't have it. I even tried Bearing suppliers using the part number and also the demensions 20 x 37 x 23mm (Id x od x width)
Here's why I couldn't use that bearing there were deep groves in the roller portion of the bearing, and when rolled it sounded like a ratchet. A local shop here in town said that they would re use it and as result I will avoid going there in the future at all cost.

Here's the whole set of bearings that were removed!

Today I gave up on the right rear bearing, I had another wheel and the bearing in it was good so I used it. I do have one on the way from the Netherlands but I really think its only a matter of time before they send me a email letting me know that its not available.

Here's the wheels shortly after I got them back form getting powder coated, now they're ready for me to put the rotors back on.

The front rotors took some serious coaxing, they were some places that shouldn't have been powder coated, so it took a lot, and a long time to get stuff to work, but it takes longer to do a job right when somebody esle didn't take the time to do it in the first place... "If a job is worth doing it's worth doing right!"

Well here she is ready to chop, and add the hard tail.

She's low.

Its starting to look like a Bobber, I started this morning at 10am and got to here at midnight.


  1. So when do you get started on the side-car? That extra rim might come in handy after all.

  2. Not a bad idea, just a little more fabrication is all. I'll be looking into it.

  3. so clean. You're going to need some big tattoos.

  4. Thanks Gabe, I'll have to consider it, but I just doubt I'll ever be that hardcore, not to take away from anybody that is, plus after working on this project I doubt anybody would be able to see the body art under all the grease, some times it seems more permanent?

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