Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 72 "Gas, Compression and Spark?" 25 Feb 2009

Click the pic of the microfiche to see the carburetors in a bigger view! After the second time of rebuilding my carbs I was sure that I didn't have a problem with fuel delivery. A quick check of the spark plugs confirmed it the two mis-firing cylinders had wet plugs. And I know that my compression is good so that leaves one thing...

Where is my spark? These have got to go!

And that is why.

Effective and they look good.


  1. Glad you found that problem you got lucky it was that easy! :)

  2. Got a question for ya I have another motorcycle that has no fuel pump, its gravity fed. I give it gas and it takes a long time to rev up. And the same with when i let go takes awhile to come down. I think they call that a hanging idle. How do I know if its getting enough gas? Or how would you troubleshoot something like that?

  3. Dangerous When thirsty,
    I have seen a similar problem due to a improperly set mixture but it could be any number of things depending on the type of carbs that you have however I would start with disassemble to ensure that the jets are clean at a minimum but it is very possible that it's sucking air too. The fuel system is generally fairly simple check to make sure fuel is getting to the carb/carbs and then go from there. Then make sure your float and float needle on the carb or carbs are functioning properly and not sticking but like I said your have to just dive into it.


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