Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 98 "Swing Arm Patch, One Step Forward, Three Steps back!" 20 March 2009

The title says it all, I got the tires and rims on and realized that the rear wheel, although the recommended size of 130/90-16 was rubbing on the swing arm... Lots more work!

If you look real close or click on the picture you can almost see what I'm about to do. Or just scroll down.

Well the Swing arm is off. Note the hammer, I once heard that, "There is NO mechanical problem that cannot be solved with brutal force and ignorance!" Maybe I just need a bigger hammer?

I took this picture so I could remember someday what it looked like before I start chopping and hard tailing.
Well now she shouldn't rub! A little grinding and a inconspicuous patch and she'll be good as new!

Here's the chunk that I cut out!

I assembled it to make sure it won't rub, I think that I'll cut off a little more!

It's all cut and not going to rub so I made a ghetto pattern out of cardboard that should make it easier to create my patch out of some thin sheet metal. Then I'll weld it on and paint it up, but I'll save that for another day!


  1. Great work so far dude. Keep it going.

  2. Thank you, more to come shortly...

  3. yikes. That's why I didn't start that project... I knew there was a reason.

  4. No joke! I'm starting to doubt my own sanity, what was I thinking? It should come around? I hope?

  5. Ghetto pattern hahaha i like that terminology ;)


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