Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 127 "Did I do anything?" 18 April 2009

I did a lot today, but didn't do much? Lots of grinding, cutting and fine tuning so the next stage of welding can be accomplished. For the most part the hard tail is ready for me to weld, all in all I did take it pretty easy today because I don't have to work Monday, so I wont lie, I procrastinated some of the welding until then. I did however start some of the seat work and now I can at least start fabricating some seat mounts, as well as see how long the seat springs should be. I think 3 to 4 inch springs should be good. I am also going to start doing my research on some upholstery shops. I would like to keep the seat real simple, but I also don't want it to look cheap. Anyway long story short Monday should be a big day of welding for the Hard Tail, Gas tank mount, and front Seat mount.

Monday came and went, and I don't feel like making another post for what I did. I think that If this was a separate post I would have called it, Day 129 "Excusses, Excusses!" 20 April 2009. I'm not a huge fan of excuses, I'm a firm believer that people that are good at making excuses are rarely good at anything else. Does that mean that you have to go through life without ever making one, no, but the more you make the better you get, so watch out. I feel like I've got a pretty good one for why I didn't get much done on the hard tail. Last night around midnight I took a little trip to the E.R and was there most of the night I wont get to deep into the details but if you bleed out of your ear and loose your ability to hear with a accompanying severe pain it's worth looking into. However after some heavy medication and a lot of sleep, I was ready to start working, so I went to work on the hard tail. While working on it took a break to help one of my buddies with some welding on his car, that set me back a bit but I don't mind because all of today was bonus time that I otherwise would not have had without the day off. Once the car was welded up I went back to work on the hardtail. I was only able to get half of it welded before It started getting to late. I try not to pound away into all hours of the night keeping my neighbors up. I may not be able to hear but they still can.

Turns out after another visit to the doctor today. (22 April 2009 I didn't feel like making another post) I have a ruptured ear drum, from a ear infection, at least that explains the ear hearing loss and pain in my right ear, fun times?


  1. Are you still going to do a rear fender?....looking good!

  2. Bryan,
    I can't really decide if I am going to do the rear fender or not? I am definitely going to leave enough room for it just in case I decide too. However the no fender look is starting to grow on me, although with that I'll have to check out the local laws to see if that is even a option. Thanks for the comment and the compliment.

  3. I'm Chopping up a xs1100 frame, and putting on a briggs twin, dont hate...

    I was having trouble with my monoshock set up and then this convinced me to hard tail mine!

  4. Cody
    Each to his own, no matter what you do somebody will hate on it. You just got to make it happen, however don't let the word get out that I motivated you to get rid of your mono shock, a lot of the older folks don't like the idea of a hardtail. Granted I don't really care what people think.


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