Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 225 "I'm About to Blow a Fuse!" 24 July 2009

You know what they say, "If its not broke don't fix it." I fell victim of this today! I wanted to replace the original fuse block because I wanted to place it inside the electrical box, out of site out of mind? So I picked one up at Autozone and went to work.

Well here it is. I even bought the fancy fuses the glow when they blow and sure enough they work as advertised...

First I had to get the freshly painted electrical box in without scratching it, then route all the wires through the appropriate holes.

What a nightmare!

I also had to re-mount the battery box so I could get some juice going.

Then I mounted the Carburetors, I bought them from a guy named Jessie Cahill, he even added the little mounting piece that supports the carbs and keeps all the weight off the intake boots. He refurbishes Xs1100 Carbs and then sells them at a very reasonable rate for the quality that you get. If you have ever done a search for new Xs 1100 carbs then he's the guy to get a hold of. I am going to set up a post or a e-mail block were you can contact him if you would need some like new carbs. He even jetted the carbs for my aplication with the K&N pod filters and open pipes. And they got here way faster then I expected. For the time being if you need to contact him click here!

Here they are all mounted and everything is in the electrical box and ready for testing. However when I attached the negative terminal on the battery my headlight turned on with the key in the off position that's when I knew things where not only bad but I was going to have to remove everything from the electrical box. I was so mad I almost blew a fuse, but the bike beat me to it.

Well they work just like they said, my 30 amp main popped. So I tried a few things popped some more fuses and then consulted the ol' trusty wire diagram. I think that I was probably glowing just as red with rage myself.

I hate wire diagrams but this one isn't to bad I love how it's color coded that is very convenient. So the problem, if you look in the picture in the upper right hand corner there is a picture of the old fuse block three fuses share a common path, but that 30 amp main doesn't and I had the grounds all together, because the fuse block is like that. So for you guys looking to do a new fuse block Be sure to get one that doesn't share grounds. So tomorrow I'll get a in line for the 30 amp main and hopefully be able to test out those carbs?

Fuses that have all gone to a better place.


  1. I have a feeling that when I am done i am going to regret not hiding the electronics better. Bet it is worth all the work when you are done.

  2. Kevin,
    I hope so, I just fired it up and am about to take it out on a test drive so I guess I'll find out?

  3. SHOP! How ya doin' bud!? It's Josh(xs11bobber). Did you use the "simpler" diagram similar to one that was recently posted on

  4. Josh,
    No I didn't see it, I wish that I had though. I generally like to butt my head through problems like this, well not really, but it's what I end up doing in a lot of cases. I'm going to see if I can find that and at least post a link for others so they don't experience the levels of frustration that I went through. If you find that post please copy and past the link into the "Contact Us" box on the right and send it to me then I will for sure get it on here.


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