Friday, March 9, 2012

Seat Update!!!
I Dropped the seat off at the best Upholsterers around "Prichard & Son Upholsterers" (click for more info) they do it all, and they do it the best!  I came in to their shop and dumped all my idea/ideas on them, and then changed those ideas, and then changed them again, then they took my ideas and made them better and that's the road  it's been down.  Now the seat has gone from the brainstorming phase to the lets do this phase and if anybody can do it then Prichard & Son can!  I'm exited to see how awesome it's gonna turn out...

Prichard & Sons
Prichard & Son Upholsterers has been around for a while because their work stands the test of time!   They are also about to put out some pretty awesome purely custom bobber/chopper seats that are far higher quality and more original then any seat or design available on the internet.  So keep an eye on Shops Chops to see what I've already had the fortune to get a sneak peek at!  There's a Death Spade design that is pure genius and that's all I can say at this point but that's definitely not all! 

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